THE DIVINE ESCAPE is a treatment for all your senses sight sound touch taste and smell!

This unique treatment features elements of ayurveda reflexology energy balancing and massage with warm aromatic organic oils a heated Divine Eyes mask a rose quartz crystal and green tea to finish.

Escape to the sounds of chimes and singing bowls while your therapist treats you to this sensory experience lasting for 85 Minutes of pure bliss.  85 Minutes £58 

THE ESCAPE is a shorter version of The Divine Escape including the massage. 55 Minutes £48

THERMABLISS MASSAGE features heated Lava Shells with aromatic oils and a Divine Eyes heated eye mask. These self heating shells are used as massage tools to relax and work your muscles £48

RESCUE MASSAGE features one cold and one warm shell using the contrast of temperature change to treat the muscles more intensely  £48

LAVA SHELLS Warm Back Massage or Rescue Massage is a treatment for the back neck & shoulder areas using two warm or one cold & one warm shell   £32.50

HOT STONES MASSAGE using heated Lava Stones to massage the entire body or the back neck and shoulders. 40/60 Minutes £32.50/£48.


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