Full Body Massage with organic aroma oils or pure coconut oil includes massage of the back legs feet hands arms neck & shoulders  75 Minutes £40

Back Neck & Shoulder Massage with organic aroma oils or pure coconut oil  40 Minutes £25

Back Massage with organic aroma oils or pure coconut oil  30 Minutes £20

MASSAGE THERAPY for people affected by cancer is delivered by a palliative care therapist with years of experience and training. Please ask your consultants or doctors advise before booking in. 


Bespoke aromatherapy where oils are chosen and blended just for you after a full consultation with our ITEC qualified aromatherapist  Full treatment 90 Minutes £50


Reflexology treats all areas of the body through reflex points located in the feet using thumb and finger pressures. It is very relaxing and can address many issues. Full treatment 60 Minutes £35


Usui traditional Reiki is an energy based therapy delivered through the hands of the therapist. It is none invasive gentle yet powerful given fully clothed lying down. Full treatment 60 Minutes £35


An Ayurvedic treatment of the neck & shoulders scalp & head. Given in a seated position with the therapist standing behind you. Restores clarity and balance. Full Treatment 45 Minutes £25 


Biosun Ear Candles are used to draw out impurities from the ear canal in a very gentle calming way helping to restore balance and clear the head and sinuses. Full treatment 45 Minutes £25

All COMPLEMENTARY THERAPIES are delivered by fully qualified experienced therapists with full insurance after a thorough consultation. Not all therapies are suitable for everyone!   

Please book in advance by calling 07767301369 to arrange your appointment. A consultation will be carried out prior to your first appointment taking approximately 15 Minutes. If in doubt please seek medical advice.

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